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Simplicity & Perfection

Full Grain Camel leather Specialists

Dromedary Leathers is an adventure: a coming together of cultures, unified by a dedication to producing top-grade camel leather products that not only stand up to the practical needs of 21st-century living but also showcase the unique style of an elegant, highly-prized material.

On the surface, we are one American, two Qataris, a Sri Lankan and a Brit. In our hearts, we are a single unit with a commitment to a cause: that is, to deliver a unique experience centered on products of unrivaled quality made with unerring attention to detail.
We are design-led. We test each and every concept first-hand. Then – and only then – do we share our creations in the knowledge that they meet the demands of such diverse lifestyles.
Our guarantee: the world’s finest camel leather goods to match the expectations of the modern man.

We only accept the best quality


All of our products are made from dual layers of top quality camel leather with a high grade contact adhesive to bind them together. The result? A laminate structure that is virtually indestructible and a material that lasts a lifetime.

Made To Perfection